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- Website creation
- Packaging design


- Graphic design
- Photography retouching/editing
- UI/UX design
- Mobile/Responsive design
- SEO optimisation

Website creation

We had to develop a level of trust across the brand as the audience was young students or parents.

We did this by using testimonials to establish credibility of the services and humanising the brand with imagery of the team and short testimonials which helped personalise the company.

We used copy to highlight the professionalism of who the business owners were and their investment in life-long learning.

We also created a space on the site that listed the services individually which helped SEO and showcased AdAstra as subject matter experts.


Packaging design

We refreshed the brand stationery, business cards and leaflets to reflect the new feel of the brand, with a core focus to educate new students on AdAstra services.

Rolling out a new look across print ensured the brand stayed consistent with their online presence and presented the professionalism of the organisation.